Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop - Manchester 1977

When Iggy Pop released The Idiot in 1977 he did a British Tour featuring the album's producer, David Bowie, on keyboards. This meant that security was very tight, and photographers were not invited.

This did not stop me going to the first show at Friars in Aylesbury. In an attempt to avoid the security personnel I ended up in the roof looking straight down at Bowie, but the lights were terrible and I knew I needed to try again.

So Tony Parsons and I went to Manchester a couple of days later. This time security was even tighter and I was unable to get my cameras into the show. But the next night, in Birmingham, I strapped the lenses to my ankles and hid the cameras under my clothing, having seen the show twice I knew exactly when Iggy would throw a few shapes and decided to limit myself to those numbers.

This time I did much better, I got quite a few good photos, including this one which pretty much sums up Iggy, having got what I needed I kept my cameras hidden for the rest of the show, I was not going to take a chance that I would get caught, and luckily I didn't.