David Bowie Slideshow

David Bowie - Hammersmith Odeon 1973

These photographs are taken on the last night of the Ziggy Stardust Tour in 1973.

They sum up for me, everything that was great about that Tour, David's flamboyance, Mick Ronson's guitar hero poses and most importantly the interplay between the two of them.

Ronno was the perfect partner and foil for David, they interacted so well that it all looked completely natural and spontaneous, almost like they were doing it for the first time. Whilst David cavorted round in a number of outrageous outfits Mick threw these great shapes all through the show, nobody ever played the part of the guitar hero better in my mind.

David is wearing the short kimono outfit that he started the show with. I always admired his ability to wear a short skirt and you see him here conducting his audience of adoring fans. He makes it all look so easy.

Of course the center photo reveals the most controversial moment in the show, that's if you don't understand that David's simply playing the harmonica solo during Gene Genie whilst on his knees in front of Mick and with his head in Ronno's crotch.

Back then this was considered trés risqué, nowadays it would be considered mild in comparison to modern teen idols.

It's such a shame that David broke up the Spiders from Mars immediately after this show, he had already recorded Aladdin Sane and was ready to move quickly to his next phase. This tour was one of the best I have ever seen, I feel lucky to have been there at this final show.