Dr Feelgood - Hope and Anchor

Dr Feelgood at the Hope and Anchor Benefit 1977

There was an unwritten rule about photographing live gigs, No Flash. But, there were times when you had no choice, especially in Clubs, Elvis Costello at the El Mocambo was another one. The bands don't like it because the strobe can phase them when they are not expecting it, the punters don't like it because it destroys the ambience a bit. So I used to do it very rarely, and when I did I picked my moments carefully. I knew the Feelgoods really well so they did not mind me standing on the side of the stage, but at the Hope and Anchor the stage was tiny, and the Feelgood's were a big band by now and even in this tiny club they had a huge PA, just look at the size of the monitor wedges. I was literally a couple of feet from Sparko when I took this photo, I only ever took a few frames, and once I knew I had something great I stopped. I think this shot really sums up the energy of their live act, Wilco is on the other side of the stage so I was unable to see him, but it's nice to have a big close up of Sparko and Lee in action. They were one of the best live bands ever, and this night was the best show I ever saw them play.