Peter Frampton's Press Conference

Peter Frampton's Press Conference - The Paparazzi

Frampton Comes Alive, if ever there was phenomenon in the mid 70's then this was it. He was a cute blonde, formerly of Humble Pie, he took America by storm wearing a Baby Blue Satin Suit and by releasing a Live Double Album.

Eventually of course he came back to the UK, and the chaos continued, his Photo Call attracted more photographers than I had ever seen assembled for a PopStar. It was a Zoo, there was no way of getting close, no chance of a decent picture, in fact I nearly went home thinking it was a pointless exercise.

But, then I spotted a dark and dimly lit staircase, I ventured up it and found myself on a deserted balcony, the perfect place for pictures, of course he was small in the frame, and sitting next to his Manager, Dee Anthony, he certainly looked small.

I got my picture, it was pretty good too, there he was, surrounded by photographers, and looking straight at me. The paper loved it and ran it big. People wondered how I did it, how could I get him to look right at me.

It was easy, I just shouted "Peter, Up Here" at the top of my voice. Job done...