Sid and Nancy

Sid and Nancy - Cricklewood 1978

When I shared a house with Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy there were often musicians around, that veritable duo Cook and Jones from the Sex Pistols were frequent visitors.

Sid and Nancy came over with them a couple of times, they did not behave like they did in public, they were well behaved and polite, they loved watching black and white Elvis Presley movies on Philip's video recorder, which was a rarity back then.

Some nights we would go to bed whilst they were still watching the TV, I would go downstairs in the morning and they would be gone but the living room would be clean and tidy, they had even emptied the ashtrays, not exactly what you would expect them to do.

They were always respectful to Philip although Sid was not really interested in getting tips from him on bass playing, one night I asked them to pose for pictures in our bathroom, they duly obliged and the photo appeared on the front page of the NME.

To me they were a couple that were very much in love, and Nancy did everything she could for Sid, he was quite funny really and they never caused us any trouble, their end was tragic beyond words, but it fitted the legend that they had already carved out for themselves.