Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy with Dynamite

Lemmy - London 1984

I think I first came across Lemmy in 1971 when he was in Hawkwind, he was someone you often saw in Ladbroke Grove or at the Marquee and other watering holes around town, as he was best mates with Mick Farren he became a regular visitor to the NME offices in '75 and '76 before he formed Motörhead. 

In fact I reviewed Motörhead's first gig at the Marquee in 1977 for the NME and whilst I saw potential in the Uriah Heep/Black Sabbath area I would never have thought they would have been as successful as they became, let alone expect that they would still be going strong thirty five years later.

Lemmy is a gruff, slightly imposing, yet adorable kind of a Rock Star, quite malleable too, always happy to oblige when one needs a quick photo for a Magazine.

This picture was originally shot for the cover of Time Out in 1984 and the 'session' lasted about ten minutes. Lemmy arrived, took off his leather jacket, grabbed the fake dynamite and stepped into the studio grinning. He then did 24 assorted poses, giving me everything I needed on exactly two rolls of film. 

Knowing that all good photographers were skilled in the art of quick shoots, he put the dynamite down, put his leather jacket back on and left the building.